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Artist RAK, Robert A. Kraus

This is the official blog of the artist known as RAK, (Robert A. Kraus).

I hope you enjoy my musing and ramblings and enjoy watching the progress of my many artistic endeavors as I chronicle the ups and downs of my journeys. Feel free to e-mail me and let me know what you think, my e-mail is Enjoy!


January 26 2010

Today was me trying to get my Ebay store organized. It took a while to sort through everything and see what I had and didn't have in stock. My ebay name is bluerakkar and my ebay store is called the Rak art store. If you have trouble finding it, just type in by RAK and all my stuff will come up! I started writing the second installment of the SPELL BOUND book and its coming along. I will be at JEFF HARPERS Akron-Canton Comic con in a couple weeks so if you're nearby, stop in and say hey!


January 25 2010

I finished the first installment in a three part Chakan story I call SPELL BOUND. For those who do not know the character or want to really get a handle on the backstory of my exciting new series of CHAKAN Graphic Novellas I posted it on the CHAKAN NEWS page of the site. Its FREE to read and i'd LOVE to hear what you think. I plan on this site having some of the most cutting edge and unique content you will find anywhere on the web. You know what the Big Boys have to offer, now take your time and check out the quality of Art and Stories created with sweat blood and most of all heart. I am a small company with big dreams that I hope to share with you!

Also, on my EVERYMAN page I added some writings to flesh out some of the images. Enjoy!!!

Talk to ya soon. Adios!!!


January 24 2010

Hey gang, i'm baaaaacccckkkk! Sorry for being down and out for a while, but I had to take time off for the holidays, and then I got sick, and then I decided to pimp my website out a bit. It's still not where I want it to be, but its getting there. Since my last entry I have completed a legendary amount of new art. Over 100 new superfreeks are now available, six new Chakan books are really close, and my website has tons of new categories of old and new art series for you to collect. From Fairies to Christmas designs, I have something for everyone. Also on the site, check out the free THUNDERMACE origin story and for the kids I have a great little TRYKE the Triangle story online(check out his fun music video). My beloved father passed away, and so I have a free story he wrote called BRITESTAR which is a great family classic that you can read for free. I also am close to putting up a free Chakan story called Spellbound which gives a lot of cool background material for the magnus-opus-in-progress that is the Chakan Graphic Novella series.

Thanx for stoppin by the site, and I will keep my blog up to date from here on out!!!



November 18th 2009 -

Today I started the ROBOT ROCKET RANGERS project... I grew up with the Space Program and have always been a huge Sci Fi buff, so I'm excited to be bringing these cool little guys to life... below is a sneak peek at the squad and their ships... more to come...

robot rocket rangers



November 17th 2009 -

I did a few new comic strips today... the LIL REAPER strips that are macabre in a humorous way...check it out on my RAKattack monsters page. Much more new stuff is on the way!!!

reaper comic strip

I hope you didn't read the above strip!!!! ;)



November 16th 2009 -

Heres a comic strip I did today...

zombie funny

I am printing and signing some Chakan books later, and am writing some of my next Everyman book as well!



November 15th 2009 -

This is my first blog entry, and I have a lot on my mind. I can sense the holidays approaching (my favorite time of year) but for me, it is also my time to create all the new art for the coming year. so I am a little conflicted, happy the holidays are here but also I have the pressure of trying to finish all the things I want to accomplish before my show season starts anew.

My main goals are to add new pieces to my Everyman Series,

This piece is called "Halfway Gone"

(I'm doing 100 ATC sized acrylic Everyman paintings for a new book called The Everyman -Fragments of Me)

finish new Chakan the Forever Man books, and really expand the universe of the Rak Attack Monsters

zombie monsters

(Here is a comic strip featuring my RAK Attack Monster Zombies)

(my newest endeavor, a toy/game line I started last winter).

Of course, I also have a huge amount of requests for new SuperFreeks as well. Oh well, an artists work is never done.