Check out the RAK Graphics MEGGAFREEKS Art Collection. The MeggaFreeks were done when I was bored one weekend and decided to draw some of my favorite characters in the shape ofan egg - Hence their name - M-EGG-aFreeks. They were fun to do!

Feel free to browse the RAK Graphics M-EGG-AFREEKS Art Collection

All the RAK art is available to buy in the following formats and prices:

  • Autographed trading cards in hard case (2.5"x3.5") for only $1.00 each. These are signed mini art prints that are fun to collect, share and trade!
  • Matted prints with original art sketch on the mat itself is another very unique RAK offering. He is the only artist that takes the time to not only sign, but to draw a cool sketch on each and every matted print he sells. The prints come in the following sizes and prices - 5"x7s" for $20.00 each, 8"x10s" for $30.00 each, 11"x14s" for $40.00 each, and 16"x20s" for $50.00 each.
  • Also available are 8.5"x11" autographed prints that are signed, bagged, and boarded for just $10.00 each. To order any of these special artistic offerings, click on the links below or e-mail for details on how to pay with credit card, check, or money order.A minimum shipping and handling charge will be added to each order.