Welcome to the "Everyman Fragments" Visual Poetry Collection by RAK

"The Everyman print series was created by me, RAK, to capture a thought or emotion in a single image.
They are meant for the viewer to contemplate what each piece means to them, how they can personally
relate to the drawing. When the viewer puts their idea or personal reflection to the image, it then becomes theirs."


"These were made as art to be shared and absorbed, to show how we all are everymen going thru life
and experiencing its ups and downs. They are really a different type of artwork and I hope you enjoy making
them your own!!!"



These new works are from the new "Everyman" book that is coming out called "THE EVERYMAN, FRAGMENTS OF ME", and that is what you are getting, a piece of my thoughts, musings and soul. These are my most personal works, my reflections and pondering of this journey we call life, and this is your chance to own one of my originals.
Below are my new Everyman Fragments artworks.


emanfr21 - Cosmic Contemplation


emanfr24 - Evolution


emanfr27 - Humanity


emanfr30 - Lifecycle 3


emanfr33 - New Beginnings


emanfr36 - Running


emanfr39 - Sweet Dreams



emanfr42 - Within and Without


To order any of these special artistic offerings, click on the links below the illustrations or e-mail rakart1@yahoo.com for details on how to pay with credit card, check, or money order.A minimum shipping and handling charge will be added to each order.

Thank you so much for looking!