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Welcome to the Tales of the Dragon!

Within these tomes you will find stories that sing of valor and tragedy, of tyrant kings and evil empires, and of a love granted immortality by a dragon.

So risk not another moment and prepare yourself for a ride upon a dragon's tale!

 "Knowledge is indeed power, and the written word is the most dangerous weapon of that power."

-Nith'el, Sage-Priest

  Tales of the Dragon is an offering of short stories and situations to be used as both entertainment and adventuring ideas.

If you are interested in submitting a story or story idea simply email the below link with "Submission: Story" in the Subject line. Short stories and poems are dealt as one-shots and novellas are installed in chapters. Stories e-printed are based upon merit of subject. Details concerning copyrights and privledges are dealt with an email response along with the Submission guidelines.

Short stories are catagorized as under 5000 words, and no, poems do not have to rhyme. Submissions will be considered for a quarterly magazine based upon the Dragon War setting.