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Ever wonder when the first Dragon War happened?

Or what about the details about the Godheads? And what about the Dreamlands?

All of these questions and more are answered in the scroll-books of Nith'el, which has conviently been posted upon this website.

Now you can learn of the rich history and dark intrigues that carved out the lands of Bethel as they are today!

To learn about a specific timeperiod of Bethel history, look below in the specified age.

Nith'el is a busy sage and will try to make installments every week. Give him a break already...

 "Bethel itself has a heritage, one of powerful alignments and ages. Study the heritage to predict its future."

-Nith'el, Sage-Priest


Dragon War Timeline

P.D. - Pre-Draconian Calendar D.C. - Draconian Calendar

The Dark Age

The Beginning and the Chaos 10,000+ years P.D.

Many scholars disagree about Pre-Creation times. The plainsmen of the Homelunds say that there was The Great Nothing, a spanse completely devoid. The elves believe in an eternal night where everything was intertwined together into a swirling chaotic sphere. Still, the dragonkin adhere to the fact that before everything there was the Night Serpent spinning dreamlands in a waking sleep.

In any case, all theories hold to one fact; before Creation there was something happening. Sages converge whole-heartedly that such a strong occurence in multiple cultures is more than coincidence.


The Age of the Dreamlands

Time of the Shepardess 10,000 years P.D.

The actual story of Creation is quite simple and even seem sophmoric in its simplicity. During the time of the Dreamlands, a period of time when the Lands of Bethel were not formed, there upon a great grassy field lived a Shepardess. The life of a shepardess bored her to no end, and in such encouraged a rather active imagination to bear. During the day, the Shepardess would imagine being in strange lands that she had never encountered. And during the night, she would dream of wonderful creatures and nightmarish beings. Little did she know that her fantasy world was in all actuality coming into fruitation...

It would seem that the reality that the Shepardess lived in was slowly getting transformed into the wild imaginings that she dreamt of.


-The Beginning of Man-

A notible period of time, this era heralded the first concept of Man. Most sages concieve that humans were the first intelligent life, but several elven scholar-priests have deemed it possible that elves were in fact the Firstborne.


The Age of the Hungry Gods

The Coming of Ramuh 6000 years P.D.

-The First Godhead Descends

-Elven Race Appears


The First Dragon War (The Twilight Gathering) 1000 years P.D.

-The Birth of the Burning Empire

-Dwarven Race Appears


The Downfall of the Godheads 800-200 years P.D.

-The Exile of the Godheads

-The Troll and Goblinkin Appear


The Age of the Serpent

The Second Dragon War (The Holy Dragon War) 100 years P.D.


The Birth of the Dragon Empire years 1D.C. - 599 D.C.

-The Age of Learning

-The Enslavement of Man


The Flower Rebellion years 599 D.C. - 600 D.C.

-The Rise of Man

-The Birth of the Brothern Empire


The Holy Dragon Purge years 601 D.C. - 621 D.C.

-The Crumbling of the Brothen Empire


The Young Age (The Fall of the Draconian Empire)

Crusades of the Rose years 607 D.C. - 673 D.C.

-The Attemptive Revival of the Godheads

-Establishment of the Mullish Empire

-The Fall of the Dragon Empire


The Usurpation year 673 D.C.

-The Murder of the Dragon Emperor


The Third Dragon War (Romance of the Eight Dragons) year 674 D.C.

-Current Day