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Errata and Game Text Change

Turn Phases -

For Rules clarity(?), Player Turns are now broken down into phases and must be done in order:


Initial Phase -

Player must declare whether they will use Movement Fate cards or not.


Movement Phase -

Player rolls for Movement, resulting in Moving (modified by any Movement Fate cards)


Effect Phase -

After all Movement is resolved, the square tile's game text immediately activates. The square tile is considered Immediate in terms of Effects (see Immediate Effects). After all cards played, the square tile's effects are resolved.


End Phase -

A catchall area that is anytime between the Effect Phase and the beginning of the next player's Initial Phase.

Fate Cards -

All Fate cards are now categorized into the following due to their effect. See below for rules:


Movement Fate cards are Immediate.

Weapon Fate cards are Immediate.

Treasure Fate cards are Immediate.

Life Fate cards are Instant.

Death Fate cards are Instant.


Immediate Rules -

Can be used at any time and are considered staged. Staging means that the last card to be played has seniority over all of the other cards played and is used first in terms of its effects. Cards played prior to the last are dealt with in terms of the last card played to the first.


EX- Ben has 3 life and Gary has 2 life. Big Ben plays a Weapon card (-2 life to all opponents). To counter that Gary immediately plays a Weapon card (-3 life to target player) right after Ben put down his. Ben smile fades as the effects of the cards hit home. The last card to be played was Gary's and as of such has seniority over all other cards played (meaning Ben's). Gary targets Ben for the damaging effects and hits Ben for 3 life. Ben is reduced to 0 life and will be dead after all of the cards effects are played. After Gary's Weapon card, Ben's Weapon card has seniority (because it was the closest to the last played). It damages all opponents for 2 life, reducing Gary to 0 also. When the cards effects are done and all cards are played, both Gary and Ben are reduced to 0 life. So what happens? As Gary was reduced to 0 Life last, he would considered the winner of the game for lasting the longest.


Note about Immediates: Movement Fate cards are also staged but can only be played prior to a player's Movement Phase. Movement Fate cards can be used on anyone.


Note about Immediates: Square Tiles are considered Immediates in terms of dealing their effects. They will always go last in staging (meaning that their effects are done after any card played during this phase).


EX- Damion is in his Effects Phase and has landed on a square tile that will reduce him to 0 life. He decides to play his Fate cards in the hopes of gaining some life or some retribution before the square's effect kills him. His Fate cards being played, as well as any other, will be resolved before the square's effect kills him. After all played cards are resolved, the square tile takes effect.

Instant Rules -

Drawing an Instant activates the cards effect instantly. This means it happens before it is even placed in the drawing player's hand. Instants are not staged and are resolved independently.


EX- Bob must draw 2 Fate cards. His first is a Life card (+4 life) and his second was a Death card (-10 life). As both cards are Instants, they are dealt with as soon as they are drawn. First Bob gains the 4 life and that card is resolved. Next he loses 10 life due to the Death card. Each time the card's effects are independent of each other. This means that a player can die from a card before he even gets a chance to draw his next one.

Note about Instants: All Instants after being resolved are placed into a Discard pile. After the Fate card deck is exhausted, the Discard deck is reshuffled and used as the Fate card deck.


Dragon War FAQ version 1.1


1. When you land on a BATTLE square, who do you battle?

Player of your choice.


2. What if you land on a BATTLE square when another player is already on it? Do you battle that player twice?

No. You still battle the player of your choice and would only battle that player twice if she choose to battle you on her turn, then you chose to battle her on your turn.


3. Can a NULLIFY SQUARE FATE CARD affect someone else landing on a square?

Technically, yes you can nullify any square. Fate cards can be used at any time and are instantaneous in their use.


4. Can a NULLIFY SQUARE FATE CARD nullify someone landing on the same square as you from battling you?

No, the rules of combat are based upon an encounter (someone being in the same area as you), rather than the board square enacting it.


5. 3X MOVEMENT ROLL FATE CARD: Can it be used after rolling for movement?

No, movement Fate cards are exempt from the common rule that Fate cards can be used at any time. Movement Fate cards must be used prior to a player's Movement Phase (see more about Game Phases below). However, this may be any player's Movement Phase.


6. When a player reaches 0 life points, and is out of the game, can a player resume play somehow?

House Rules dictate variants of the game play called Types, and you may wish to use them to allow a player to come back into the game. We usually use Types I and III when playing, but feel free to mix and match to your own personal game.


7. YOU AND PLAYER OF CHOICE LOSE OR GAIN EQUAL LIFE FATE CARD: Can you lose more life than you have? Can someone gain more than 25 life?

There are technically no Life Limits in the Dragon War Basic Game, so a player being reduced to -4 life is still below 0 and is technically dead. A player may have a life total exceeding 25.


8. DRAGON BREATHES FIRE FATE CARD: Does All Players include player who played it?

"All Players" means all players on the Dragon War Basic Game Board. Note that a player on a Sideboard (due to expansions) are exempt from this card's damaging effects.


9. PLACE THIS CARD ON ANY SPACE...3 OR 6 TO PASS IT FATE CARD: Would all players have to stop on that space even when a roll would carry them past?

No. Only the player that put that particular "Wall" Fate Card. All other players are free to pass.


10. If you cannot pass this square on a roll, are you affected by the square each turn?

Unfortunately, Yes, you do suffer the effects of the square tile, however frequently you land on it.


11. Can you pass this square if you receive a modified roll of 3 or 6 from a Fate Card or ability?

Yes. Modified rolls are allowed to bypass all "Wall" cards.


12. EVERY PLAYER LOSES LIFE EQUAL TO FATE CARDS FATE CARD: Does this include the Death Card itself?

No. Due to the timing of Fate Cards and their instantaneous effects, the Death Card is never included into the player's hand. The drawing of the card activates the effect of the card.


13. Can players play Fate Cards before this Death Card resolves?

No. Fate Cards being drawn have seniority in the effects of be immediate. Fate Cards in hand are dealt in succession of being played (see Fate Card Rules).


14. On a SAFE HAVEN, what can a player be affected by? What can't a player be affected by?

The heart of most controversy, the Safe Haven provides defense against all combat rolls and all damage rolls. Any card or card effect not using rolls and can target player(s) can effect a player in a Safe Haven.


15. GAIN LIFE EQUAL TO NUMBER OF SPACES JUST MOVED FATE CARD: Does a player gain life equal to all spaces moved, even when modified? What if a player moves in reverse?

The player gains life equal to all spaces moved, even when modified and even when in reverse movements.


16. What if this card is drawn after someone trades places with another player?

That player gains as much life as the last movement made prior to the card draw. If the player drawing the card trades places with another and moves 12 squares, then that person would gain 12 life.


17. PLAYER OF CHOICE CAN ONLY MOVE ONE SPACE...5 IS ROLLED FATE CARD: What if another player rolls a 5? What if a 5 is rolled by this player other than movement?

The effect of the card is held until a 5, any 5, is rolled. That 5 can be from any player and at anytime a die is rolled.


18. REVERSE GAME FATE CARD: What if someone is moving backwards?

Double negation. Anyone that was moving backwards is now moving forwards, as per normal movement.


19. DRAGONS SPREAD FEAR FATE CARD: Can I play this on myself? If played while player is moving in reverse, does player go back two spaces?

Yes, for some demented reasons you can play it upon yourself. If played while a player is moving in reverse the player still goes back two spaces upon the game board.


20. On square where player must battle a square, can fate cards which modify battle be used?

Yes. Anything that modifies combat rolls can be used at anytime.


21. Can treasure and weapon fate cards be used at any time?

Technically, Fate cards (excluding Life/Death and Movement) are dealt with in order that they are used or played down. The most recent one has seniority over the others but since Treasure and Weapon Fate cards are immediate and are culmulitive they can be used at any time.


22. Can optional rules designated in the rules be used even if they are not stated before game play begins?

Actually, this all depends upon the players. If you have established an understood fixed House Rule and are playing with players that know this rule then it should go fine. However, everyone might not know that the rule is "understood", so in terms of having to deal with heated arguments and bitter friends, i would state all rules being used prior to game play. It is a simple matter of courtesy.


23. Can you trade places with player of choice if player is on a Safe Haven? If player is only player which can be affected?

As stated in the Safe Haven section of rules, any card not using a die roll can effect a player within a Safe Haven. The Safe Haven only really protects the player from the prospect of damage. So as long as the trading places does not include any kind of die roll, the player in the Safe Haven is susceptible.



No. The taking of the life points is considered OPS (Other Player Sacrifice) and is removed from game. You only gain the life points if the card states "Gain".


25. PICK A CARD, PLAY IT ON PLAYER OF CHOICE OR KEEP IT SQUARE: Can you look at the card first?

No. You first draw the card (facedown) and choose to play or keep it. Only after this decision is made can the card be turned over.


26. DARE SQUARES: What if you don't dare?

Choosing not to dare, causes the player to suffer the effect of the game square immediately. Note that not all Dare squares have damaging effects upon them, so the player would get off scot-free.


27. DISCARD TREASURE CARD OR LOSE 1 LIFE SQUARE: What if I don't have any Treasure Cards?

Then you automatically lose 1 life. If for some reason you can not meet the requirements of the card, for whatever reason, you suffer the effect of the card. It's a harsh world.


28. ECLIPSE SQUARE: What happens if I nullify the square?

Simple. The square is nullified. Think of the nullify square as an eraser and it just erased the game text off. Any player can still occupy that space, it just doesn't have an effect.


29. Can I modify my rolls by fate cards for squares which ask for rolls? For when I reach the finish card?

Fate cards that modify rolls can be used in any way as long as they are played in their phases. Movement Fate cards must be used prior to a Movement Phase. Effect Fate cards can be used at anytime, and Life/Death Fate cards are instants. If you follow these rules, then any of the above is possible.

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