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Title: Alien Invasion Set 15
Product ID: DW035O
Price (U.S.): $ 3

Alien Invation Expasions Now Available online!
     "They're Coming..." - Wrong. They're already here!!! Careful you mere human, the Alien Invasion has arived and these aliens don't play nice with others!
These high quality sets contain the brilliant art and game play you always get from RAK Graphics.
Each set infests your Dragon War base game with ugly, slimy, silly, big, small, but always fun creatures from another planet.
Be the first of your friends to be abducted by this Alien Invasion Set and order your sets today!

Alien Invasion Set 15 Contains:
The following 7 Game Cards:
Lazarus ZX
Alien Messenger
War Ship
Pirate Ship II

Rules info coming soon.

Example of Game Cards