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Title: X-Pak Set 10
Product ID: DW033J
Price (U.S.): $ 3

X-Pak Expasions Now Available online!
     That's right, the highly awaited Dragon War X-Pak expansions are now available here.
These sets have the quality and fun factor that you've come to expect from RAK Graphics.
Each set contains 1 art gallery card and 7 game cards to add unique twists to the already exciting base game.
You know you've been waiting for our new sets, so what are you waiting for?
Experience Dragon War the X-Pak way and order your copy today!

X Pak Set 10 Contains:
The following 8 Game Cards:
Reapers' Amusement
Ant Warrior
Poet of Life
Shorty, Stumpy, and Hop-A-Long
Tree of Woe
Gallery card -Dragon

Rules info coming soon.

Example of Game Cards