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Dragon Ally Card
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Dragon Allies Expansion Set Contains:
     4 Dragon Ally Cards with 8 Dragon Allies total (1 on each side)
     4 rubber Dragon Counter Tiles

Art By: Robert Kraus

Copyright 2000 RAK GRAPHICS


Dragon Allies Rules-

How to Play:
Before the game, each player chooses a dragon and dragon counter tile they want to have as an ally. These are kept in front of the player.
How to get a dragon ally: Dragons are notoriously independant and you must prove yourself worthy of their help. You do this by passing the Alliance Tasks. Each dragon has six tasks which you must complete before you can use them. When you complete one task, you place your dragon counter on the #1 dragon square on your card. As you accomplish the other tasks, you move the counter down until you reach #6.
Note: You must do all six different tasks, not six of the same task. However, you don't have to do them in any certain order. If you do task #4 first, then you move your counter to the first square of your dragon card. It doesn't matter what order as long as you do all six during the game.
You can use a pencil and paper and write the #s 1-6. As you complete each task, cross it's # off the list, and advance your counter to the next square. Once you reach #6, your dragon is ready to ally itself with you. Each dragon has a stipulation on when they can be called upon. If you meet the stipulation, you can call upon your new ally in the game.
Let's take Battlescar for example. Once active (all six tasks completed), every time you battle he can aid you. You simply roll the dice and see what aid he will give you for that battle, etc.

Examples of Dragon Ally Cards