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Escape From Haunted House Expansion Set Contains:
     9 Board/Game Cards (examples below)
     4 Key Cards Wolf Counters (examples below)

Expansion Designed By: Ben Secaur
Art By: Robert Kraus

Copyright 1998 RAK GRAPHICS


Escape From Haunted House Rules-

At the begining of the game, put the front door card into the Dragon War deck. Set aside the Back Door Card. Shuffle the rest of the Hounted House cards. Lay the deck out as usual. When you come to the front door card, place the other 7 Hounted House cards face down following the Front Door. Place the Back Door at the end of all the Haunted House cards, face up. Lay out the rest of the deck as usual. Many things are different in the Haunted House. Read up and be prepared for some wild adventures.


While in the Haunted House, all players may move in any direction possible; forward, backward, up or down. Red brick walls can not be crossed. Players may change direction ONLY when they reach an intersection or at the begining of their roll. (In other words, you can't use a roll to move back and forth over the same couple of squares.)


The first player to land on one of the cards inside the Haunted House does not know what he or she is getting into. That player flips over the card only when he or she proceeds onto it. Once turned face up, that card stays face up for the rest of the game.


Each player needs a key to exit the Haunted House. A player gets a key by landing on a square that says KEY. Also, a key is needed to open the Locked Room. If a player uses a key, that player loses that key. Players may have more than 1 key. (You might want to have more than 1 key for added insurance.)


Special Features:
Many of the cards in the Haunted House move around, either by rotating 180 degrees or by switching order with other Haunted House cards. If a card gets rotated 180 degrees, the bottom goes to the top and vice versa.


Example Game Cards  

     Haunted House Key Card