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Castle of Doom Expansion Set Contains:
     1 Oversized Board (below)
     2 castle gate cards (example below)
     a deck of monster cards (examples below)

Expansion Designed By: Robert Kraus
Art By: Robert Kraus and Ben Secaur

Copyright 1998 RAK GRAPHICS


Castle of Doom Rules-

How to set-up:
Shuffle the 2 castle gate cards into the Dragon War game cards, and lay out as usual. Next, place the oversize castle game board off to the side of the game layout, squares facing up. Put Monster deck face down on spot marked Monster Deck.

How to Play:
The Castle of Doom set is a race to escape it's dungeon. When a player hits one of the castle gate cards, ALL players are teleported to the start square of the castle board (players should mark the spot they are teleported from with a penny, etc). Starting with the player who initiated the castle journey, everyone rolls until someone rolls past the finish square. In the castle, there are no battles if players land on the same square, and no fate cards or abilities can be used in the castle. Along the way, if a player hits a Monster Card square, a Monster Card is drawn and put down near the castle card. The first player to get past the finish square gets 5 life and can play any overturned Monster Cards on opponent of choice. Once the monster cards are played, players return to their places on the regular game cards and play resumes.

Oversized Board Card  

Castle Gate Card

ex. Monster Card (backside)

ex. Monster Card (Knightmare)

ex. Monster Card (Inquisitor)