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Board Game Piece
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Elemental Furies Expansion Set Contains:
     4 Card/Board Game Pieces (example above)
     4 Oversized Elemental/Minion Game Boards (examples below)

Expansion Designed By: Robert Kraus, Eric Kemphfer, Ben Secaur, and Gary Simpson
Art By: Robert Kraus

Copyright 1998 RAK GRAPHICS


Elemental Furies Rules-

How to Play:
To use the Elemental Furies Expansion Set, shuffle the four game cards into your Dragon War deck and layout the game as usual. Place the larger four Elemental/Minion game boards to the side of the game, minion side up. When any player lands on the first or third square of an Elemental game card within the Dragon War game that player activates that Elemental's game board. That player leads all other players through Round 1 of engagement. (Note: the Air Minions only effect the player who activated them.) The next time that elemental is activated, all players follow the instructions for Round 2; the third time, Round 3. When Round 3 is completed that Elemental's game board is taken out of play, along with its corresponding game card.

Special Features:
If you dare disturb the slumbering power of these elementals, first they send their powerful minions. Those fortunate enough to survive them must then face the full power of the elemental's fury unleashed! The gameplay is enhanced by each elemental's card attributes.

Front (Minion Side)
Back (Elemental Side)

Examples of Elemental Furies Game Card