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Board Game Piece
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Zombie Graveyard Expansion Set Contains:
     1 Card/Board game piece (above)
     5 Zombie Counters

Expansion Designed By: Robert Kraus
Art By: Robert Kraus and Eric Kemphfer

Copyright 1998 RAK GRAPHICS


Zombie Graveyard Rules-

How to Play:
Shuffle the game card into your Dragon War card deck, and layout the game as usual. Place the five skull counters onto the Zombie Graveyard card. When awakened the Zombies (Skull counters) are placed on the last square of the last card of each row. Every time a player rolls for movement the Zombies move backward, sweeping through the rows. The Zombie always moves first, if he hits a player that player is minus 10 life and loses all their Fate Cards. The Zombies continue to move until they reach the opposite end of their respective rows then they go back to the graveyard until they are awakened again. If only one or two zombies are awakened roll the die, that number is the row it starts in.