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Board Game Piece
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Gypsy Caravan Expansion Set Contains:
     1 Oversized Board game piece (above)
     4 Card/Board game cards (example below)
     6 Wares Reference Lists

Expansion Designed By: Robert Kraus
Art By: Eric Kemphfer and that Robert Kraus guy

Copyright 1998 RAK GRAPHICS


Gypsy Caravan Rules-

How to Play:
To use the Gypsy Caravan expansion set, shuffle the 4 game cards into your Dragon War card deck and lay out the game as usual. Place the larger Gypsy Caravan game board to the side of the game. The four game cars send a character to the Gypsy Caravan. When a character is sent to the Gypsy Caravan they must place their character tile on the start square of the Caravan board, then they roll the dice as per the game cards instructions (ex. one roll or two rolls, etc.). The player then writes down on a piece of paper the number of the square(s) they have landed on, and can use that item once in the game, at whick time they cross it off their list. After rolling for their item(s) the player then returns to the square that sent them on their shopping spree.

Example Game Card