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ex. Life Extender Card
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Long Life Expansion Set Contains:
     5 Life Extender Card
     5 Life Counters

Expansion Designed By: Robert Kraus
Art By: Robert Kraus

Copyright 1998 RAK GRAPHICS


Movement Fate Cards Rules-

How to Play:
The Long Life Set can be used several ways to enhance the Dragon War Card Game.
1.)   It can be used in the Base Game to help you gain more than 25 lives. Just start at 25 as usual, and if you're lucky enough to gain more than that, move your Life Counter Tile over the Long Life Card.
2.)   If you're playing with more than 40 cards (Base Game and Expansions) you can start at 50 lives or whatever your group decides is a fair amount to make it through the game you've laid out.
3.)   It can help out the wussies who think the game is too tough. Have FUN!