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Board Game Piece
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Shadowland Expansion Set Contains:
     1 Shadowland game board (above)
     1 Card/Board game piece (below)
     4 Fate cards

Expansion Designed By: Robert Kraus
Art By: Robert Kraus

Copyright 1998 RAK GRAPHICS


Shadowland Rules-

How to Play:
To use the Shadowland expansion set, shuffle the Gatekeeper card into your Dragon War card deck and layout the game as usual. Place the larger Shadowland game board to the side of the game. Next, shuffle the four Fate Cards into the Fate Card deck. The Gatekeeper game card and three Fate Cards send a character to the Shadowland (the one life Fate Card is used to avoid the Shadowland and can be kept and used at anytime). When a character is sent to the Shadowland they must place their character tile on the start square of the Shadowland board, then they roll through the whole Shadowland until they reach the finish square, while the other players wait. If the player runs out of life while trying to get through the Shadowland they must go to the start card in the Dragon War game and return to 20 life points. However, if they survive the board they get 15 life, they take one Fate Card from each opponent, all opponents lose 3 life, and the Shadowland survivor then proceeds to the first square past the Gatekeeper card. A player only has to go through the Shadowland card once per game.

Gatekeeper Game Card