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Character Enhancement
Fate Card
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Character Enhancement Fate Cards Set Contains:
     36 Character Enhancement Fate cards (examples above & below)

Expansion Designed By: Robert Kraus, Eric Kemphfer, Ben Secaur, Robert Brewer, Sam Tichy, Chris Bair, and Joe Cox
Art By: Robert Kraus and Eric Kemphfer

Copyright 1998 RAK GRAPHICS


Character Enhancement Fate Cards Rules-

How to Play:
Shuffle enhancement deck into the Basic Game's Fate Deck. Play as usual.

Special Features:
This deck contains lots of wicked Life, Death, Weapon, and Treasure Fate Cards to add variety and fun to your Base Game set. It also introduces a new category of Fate Card - The Character Enhancement Card.
Character Enhancement Fate Cards are used to strengthen and protect your characters as they go through the game.


Fate Card examples