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The Dragon War Base Game contains:
     A complete game (2-6 players) in every box
     6 character cards with 6 life grids
     6 character tiles and 6 death tiles
     36 black and white fate cards
     1 die (1d6)

Advantages of Dragon War:
     *40 full color fantasy game cards that form a game board with a full color 40 card art gallery from Robert A. Kraus (examples below)
     *Easy game play for beginners
     *Strategy cards challenge advanced gamers
     *Battle each other and the board
     *Endless pattern feature, never play the same game twice
     *Larger and bolder art than other card games

Expansion Designed By: Robert Kraus, Eric Kemphfer, Robert Brewer, Tim Bean
Art By: Eric Kemphfer and that Robert Kraus guy

Copyright 1998 RAK GRAPHICS

     Wanting to see dynamic fantasy illustrations in a fun, fast paced, easy to learn game, a small group of creators (Robert Kraus, Eric Kemphfer, Robert Brewer and Tim Bean and the rest of the RAK gang) developed a brand new game... DRAGON WAR! Part board game... part card game... part gallery of fantastic art... and a whole lot of fun! The heroes of the game battle the creatures on the board and each other... using luck, strategy cards and sabotage to wreck their opponents' best laid plans. The war has begun... DRAGON WAR is already being accepted by rave reviews and the popularity continues to spill out into neighboring communities, cities, states and eventually the world will be at war... DRAGON WAR! An exciting new game by RAK GRAPHICS. For a great entertainment value... a chance to have fun with family and friends... buy your copy of DRAGON WAR today.



Example of Game Cards (Actual Size is 2.5" x 3.5")

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