Tales of the Dragon
 RAK Tour

You have reached the official Dragon War web site. For those of you not yet familiar with this exciting game:

     This is it, the game you've been hearing and reading about. It's time to pack your bags, kiss your mom good bye and head to war.

     Part board game... part card game... Dragon War is in a class by itself! Creative, clever, and a bit mischievious, we pride ourselves on having designed a fun, rowdy little package that screams "this game kicks butt!"

     Join the excitement as your character battles your opponents and the creatures of the board as you try to be the first to reclaim the Dragon Throne of Marloon. The war has begun... the DRAGON WAR.

     For a great entertainment value and a chance to have fun with family and friends, buy your copy of DRAGON WAR today!

Here's what's available to you via the Dragon War web site:
     - The Dragon War catalog.
     - A tutorial of the Dragon War Basic Game.
     - A timeline and histogram of the ages.
     - Collection of short stories.
     - Frequently Asked Questions and rules corrections and notifications list.