Video Game / Comic Book Character CHAKAN the Forever Man is looking for 1,000 readers to share his Journey!

World Famous artist RAK, creator of the sword and spell warrior Chakan the Forever man, is more than proud to be offering an awesome new full-color series of Graphic Novells featuring the undead warrior Chakan the Forever Man. Join Chakan as he traverses the “Journey of 100 Candles” spell with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Can the greatest warrior of The Before finally rematch Death himself and finally free himself from the “Immortality Curse”? Be one of only 1,000 people to get these adventures!


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This book is one of the original three Chakan Graphic novels that were published in the late 1980s -early 1990s. These were all black and white books with full color covers. This first book told an abbreviated origin of Chakan and his last battle, which reveals the totality of his curse.



This book is one of the original three Chakan Graphic novels that were published in the late 1980s. The Compendium, reprints all the original stories that were first seen in the independant comic book series Thundermace, also by RAK.
These storiess were what Sega based the Genesis and Game Gear Video Games on.



This book is one of the original three Chakan Graphic novels that were published in the late 1980s. The Nightmares Thrall takes the reader into the strange dreamworld that constantly plagues the Forever Man’s nights - it hints of the spell called “The Journey of 100 Candles” that the new graphic novellas are based around.




Chakan vs Death and a world brought
to the brink of destruction! The most
detailed origin of the gray warrior ever to see print!

This is the tale of Chakan that Master Air tells Gil Rob and Agent 9mm.



Chakan the Forever Man, the gray warrior, learns how deadly the strange tasks of “The Journey of 100 Candles” will be when he faces the combined
evil of the Demons of the Green Gem ...


What do you do if you’re an average
joe thrust into a world of spirit ninjas, spider beasts, and an immortal warrior
named Chakan the Forever Man?
You drink coffee and wait to die...!

First appearance of the character Rob who will be pulled into the gray warrior's adventures. This book takes place before Chakan enters the Spell.



Chakan the Forever Man, the undead
warrior, comes face to face with hordes
of the walking dead when the “Journey
of 100 Candles” deposits him into
a zombie birthing ground...



The dreaded Dragon Sword Clan is hot on the trail of the Forever Man, and with sword and spirit ninjas they will follow Chakan all the way into “The Journey of the 100 Candles spell”.

First appearance of the evil Iron Palm Chang who is out to avenge his clan and claim Chakan's mystic sword as his own. This book takes place before Chakan enters the Spell.


“The Journey of 100 Candles” spell sends Chakan into the lair of a scaled killing machine, and it will take all of the gray man’s wits and wizardry to escape the claws and jaws of the dragon that awaits him there...this book features the artistic talents of a long time friend Kevin Leen!



The Spider Queen has almost everything a cunning sorceress
could want - wealth, power, and an army of deadly spider beasts - but Chakan has the one thing she craves the most, immortality. The web she weaves will soon ensnare the Forever Man...

First appearance of the wicked Arachne Dane the Spider Queen who is out for blood - Chakan's black blood and the immortality it possesses. This book takes place before Chakan enters the Spell.



Chakan finds himself between a rock and a hard place when he finds himself too weak and sick to continue through “The Journey of 100 Candles” spell. Is it a fevered dream, or is he about to encounter the Devil Girl...

First appearance of the Devil Girl who is an inhabitant of the candle Spell that is attracted to the Forever Man - an attraction that may doom them both!



This book features sketches, concept work, and fully finished paintings of our favorite immortal CHAKAN! All art is by RAK, and this book will be a cool addition to your Chakan and RAK collection...



When the Candle Spell transports the gray warrior to the edge of the Universe he has a choice to make, a choice that has ramifications across the span of time...This is book one of three and features the artwork of my friend Dan Gorman and introduces his comic creation... BALANCE!




Written by Stuart Kerr of Arrow Comics fame - Deadworld, The Realm, etc - this tale tells the story of what happens when Chakan makes a visit to Charlie Proctor's wild west saloon and a barroom brawl gets deadly when some of the patrons turn into DEMONS!!!



Agent 9mm - introduced in the Unlikely Trio book - remembers the terrible secrets that became the force that shaped her life and contributed to her developement as a deadly assassin and international spy out for vengeance.




This book introduces three characters that fate has chosen to mingle in the world of magic and mystery that surround Chakan and the "Journey of the 100 Candles" Spell.

Rob - Inner city middle-aged man trying to find his way in a very different world than what he knows.

Agent 9mm - A government agent/asssassin on a personal mission of vengeance

Gil Gorman - Co-worker of 9mm and computer tech extrordinaire scared and thrilled to be in an adventure of a lifetime.



Chakan is deposited in a futuristic starship where he must overcome robotic killers and death-dealing drones to try to stop the Planet Killer from doing what he does best - destroy all planets...

The identity of the Planet Killer is a shock to Chakan - and sends the gray warrior all the way to the Spell Chamber back on Earth!




Chakan encounters a deadly puzzle in the "Journey of the 100 Candles" Spell. Before his next task he must decide which of three candles he must extinguish before he can move forward in the Spell...If he cannot solve the puzzle it will be his hope that is extinguished!!!


Chakan is teleported to a nexus between Time and Space where he fights a foe he cannot least not by himself - this book features his second encounter with the mysterious Devil Girl...




In an alien world of swirling blue mist there lurks a malevolent beast that Chakan must slay. “The Journey of 100 Candles” spell once again pits Chakan against overwhelming odds.

This book features the artistic talents of a long time friend Petey Atkinson!



This book features Poems, Sketches and Writings like Crimson Storm that offer snippets of the Forever Man and his universe.





Here is a snippet from the upcoming Chakan novella book called LOST IN TIME. It reveals some info on CHAKAN and the "JOURNEY of 100 Candles Spell" that the Graphic novella series revolves around!




   We never have enough of that precious commodity. We try to manage it, keep track of it and hopefully not waste it. But it isn’t easy.

   Like water, time slips through our fingers and all we can do is look back at all that has been spilt and wonder how so much of it got away from us. It just keeps slipping through our fingers.

   When we are young there seems to be an endless stream of it to drink deeply from, while when we are older it seems there are just a few short sips left of the precious liquid. In truth, none of us knows when our last drink will come, so I think we should just try to savor each long drink for as long as we can.

   That is my advice for us mortals, but things are a bit different if you are Chakan the Forever Man. For him, time has been a vast, turbulent ocean that he has been adrift in for a long, long time. He has fought against its violent currents, the weight of its tides, its pounding waves and the immensity of its never-ending lengths and depths.

   Chakan, the gray warrior, (as he is known by the darkling beasts he hunts) is an immortal. He can never die. He can feel pain and sorrow and sickness like you and I, but he will never taste the dirt of his own grave. His curse will not allow it.

   The blood that flows through him is not the red blood that you and I possess, it is a black sludge that forces him to always rise no matter what tragedy has befallen him. If torn to pieces, it will slowly knit him back to whole. If burnt to ashes, it will bubble forth and recreate him. Slashes and punctures and gashes and wounds that would end our fragile lives are merely painful inconveniences to Chakan. He will not die because the Curse prevents it. The curse, (that changed red blood to black, that changed a young warriors face to a skull like facade, that made no day free of supernatural battles, and no night safe from the nightmarish glimpses of fights to come) is a heavy burden to carry for an eternity.

   The curse was given to Chakan by Death himself, and it is called the “Reapers Curse”. He received the curse on a long ago day on a battlefield strewn with the dead, where Chakan had been challenged by the God of Death and had foolishly accepted. The young warrior mage had won the battle with the dark lord, but in reality he had lost the war. Chakan had been given the gift of immortality he had craved, but alongside that was a steep price that he still pays for to this very day.

   The Forever Man had been given all the time he could want, but it had been tainted with many unpleasant tasks for him to fill his days and years and centuries with. The time the Reaper granted to him had been soiled with the stain of loneliness and regret, shame and guilt. And so unlike we who drink from the cup of life for a short time, Chakan has been always been lost in a sea and nearly drowned by the amount of time he has been forced to quaff.


  Chakan has had more than his share, much more than his want. He has wished and prayed and dreamt about the day that time will finally run out for him. He has done and seen and experienced more than a mortal man should ever have to endure, and for lifetimes he has waited for it all to end. No more pain, no more sorrow and no more struggles.

    It is said that time waits for no man, but Chakan has waited for time.

He has waited for it to run out, for some twist of fate to deliver him from his curse, and then, unbelievably, he had stumbled upon a mystic spell that held promise to do just that.

  A way to end the Reapers Curse.

   The spell, called “The Journey of 100 Candles”, had been uncovered by an eccentric archaeologist and had come to the Forever man’s attention because of the ancient hieroglyphs that were carved into the stone tablets surface. The glyphs had been from an unknown civilization somewhere in the prehistory of man, and scientists were intrigued by its strange uniqueness.

   It was undecipherable to modern man, but to Chakan it was crystal clear. It was in the visual language of a time called “The Before”. This is a time long lost to the annals of current mankind, but quite familiar to Chakan, for that is where he had started his long and cursed existence. He had discerned from the stone tablet a set of directions to a starting place of a spell called “The Journey of 100 Candles”, a spell he had sought for eons. Now he could start to find the end of his time, to take in his last drink of this melancholy life. The spell was Chakan’s only chance to die, and so he had started the Journey.

    Unfortunately he soon found that things were much more complicated than a way for him to regain his lost powers and face the Reaper in a cosmic rematch of their epic due.

The Candle Spell had some problems.

   First, the spell is corrupted. Something or someone has placed dangerous obstructions to his progress in its every corner. Each stage of his travels has been a knock down, drag-out, hard-fought slog.

   Second, he knows the corrupted spell is unraveling, and the energies released with its death throes could possibly destroy not only Earth, but perhaps even the known universe. How much time he has to clear and fix the spell before it erupts into Armageddon is unknown to him at this point.

   Third, each step further into the spell has gotten harder and harder to take, and the time it takes to overcome each adversity lets the spell unwind further, which leaves Chakan in the unfamiliar position of running out of time. For someone who has spent lifetimes with too much time too spare and too many days to fill, it has taken Chakan a while to get used to the fact that time is finally going against him. Time for Chakan is running out.

   Finally, the magic of the spell is advanced beyond anything even an adept like Chakan has ever even contemplated, so he has no control over where he is sent, or what he should be doing. It is really a random race to cover as much ground as possible in the hopes of solving the spells puzzles and restoring its integrity before it is too late.


  So you can see, it is not easy being the warrior known as Chakan the Forever Man. Especially now that he is in the middle of the spell called “The Journey of 100 Candles”, which dumps him from one dire predicament after another, with the fate of our world and possibly the universe hanging in the balance.