"Beware all ye mortals
Tonight the CREEPER crawls,
Slow and steady it hunts
Up stairs and down halls
And nothing can stop it
Not locks and not walls.
Some may run and many may hide
But none escape the CREEPERS claws!"

RAM0001 - CREEPER - $3.00 ea.

The CREEPER uses its three-taloned claw to slowly stalk their prey! CREEPERS never tire as they relentlessly hunt down their victims, who rarely escape. They have an impervious hide that makes them nearly invulnerable to all attacks.

DW Gameplay: All players must battle the CREEPER. The player that landed on the card that has a CREEPER on it must roll a die. If a 5 is rolled, the CREEPER is defeated, if not, the player loses life points equal to his die roll. The player to the right is next up to battle, etc. The battles continue until a player rolls a 5, at which time the CREEPER is removed from the game.



Your disposition is sunny
They're quite the blabbermouth
and are the life of the party.
You're really quite funny
Full of gossip and jokes
and quick with a
You don't care for money,
You treasure good songs,
friends and your family

RAM0002 - BOUNCEROO $5.00 ea.

BOUNCEROOs are neither too bright nor too quiet, always yakking it up with his great big mouth!

DW Gameplay: The player that lands on the card with a BOUNCEROO on it must roll a die. If a 2 is rolled, the BOUNCEROO is now that players best friend! Take the BOUNCEROO and gain +10 LIFE 2 Xs in the game, at which time the BOUNCEROO is returned to the game by being
placed on the DW card it was found on. If a 2 is not rolled, the BOUNCEROO stays on the card until the next time a player lands on the card.


"Death from above
Silent as a snake
It attacks from the sky
And your life it will take!"

RAM0003 - EYEGORE the EVIL $3.00ea.

EYEGOAR prowls the night sky waiting to swoop down on its unsuspecting victims!

DW Gameplay: All players must battle the EYEGORE. The player that lands on the card that has an EYEGORE on it must roll a die. If a 3 is rolled, the EYEGORE is defeated, if not, the player loses 2 life points. The player to the right is next up to battle, etc. The battles continue until a player rolls a 3, at which time the EYEGORE is removed from the game.


"So sorry, but me can only help one person at a time."

RAM0004 - EYESOAR $3.00 ea.

EYESOAR takes to the skies to scout out bad guys for his RAK ATTACK buddies!

DW Gameplay: All players are affected by the EYESOAR. The player that lands on the card that has an EYESOAR on it gains +10 LIFE while all other players lose -5 LIFE. The EYESOAR then "flies" forward 2 cards, affecting all players whenever a player lands on whatever card the EYESOAR resides on.


RAM0005 - CRUSHTACIOUS $5.00 ea.

CRUSHTACIOUS rises from the liquid depths to attack anything that it can!

There are puddles of water that small children gleefully splash in during a spring rain, and there are crystal clear lakes to swim in to escape the summer sun and tall glasses of ice cold water to drink after a long day of work or play. There are oceans and seas and rivers and streams and ponds and other pools of water of all sizes and shapes, some still and placid while others roar with energy.
You will not find the evil CRUSHTACIOUS in any of these pockets of liquid H2O. They live in septic water hidden from the sun, in dark woods or in deep caverns. The water they come from has the sheen of toxic chemicals and the stench of dead animals that rot within the murky depths. CRUSHTACIOUS waits for you there!



"Do you sometimes feel something on your arm or leg as you drift off to sleep at night? A sensation that maybe something is on you, something slight, but definitely something moving across your skin? Something that makes you hold your breath and try to stop the pounding of your heart while you stay absolutely still as you try to ascertain if there really is something there or if it is just your mind imagining it as you were falling asleep. You rationalize it away as an awkward fold in the sheet or a strange wrinkle of the blanket. You may even get up and out of a perfectly comfortable bed and turn on your light, shaking the linens and examining them for any spider or loose thread that may have stopped you from nodding off to sleep. Usually it is nothing, so you chuckle at your childish fear and go to sleep for the night. If you are lucky, you awaken the next day and continue on with your life.

However, there are those who are unfortunate.

They are unfortunate because sometimes it is not a phantom tingle across ones skin caused by a bedspreads weight but is instead the stalking tread of a vicious predator come to feast on them at night! Once they finally fall asleep they are oblivious to the return of the sensation of something crawling up their arm. They do not notice the movement across their chest and finally the ravenous beast pulling itself up and into their open mouth. It is a CRAWLER, it is now inside its victim, and its unholy appetite will only be sated by the blood and flesh of its prey!

Now mind you, it rarely happens that a CRAWLER will find its way into your room and then into your bed and end up burrowing deep inside of you, so tonight, when the lights are off and you are in bed for the night, disregard that itch on your leg or that tingle on your arm. Odds are it is nothing.

Sweet dreams!

RAM0006 - CRAWLERS $5.00 ea.

CRAWLERS like to crawl into ears or mouths of sleeping humans and then eat their way out!



RAM0007 - GRONKULUS $3.00 ea.

GRONKULUS loves to pilot spaceships and transport his team to the battlefield!


RAM0008 - ANGRILLES - $3.00 ea.

ANGRILLES can be good or bad, but they are always full of attitude!


RAM0009 - GILLBERT - $3.00 ea.

GILLBERTs are fish-like Creatures from Black Lagoons that have ornery to evil personalities!



RAM0010 - CLAWZ $5.00 ea.

CLAWZ are monsters that love a pinch assault!



RAM0011 - BROG - $3.00 ea.

BROGs are some of the most reviled monsters - they are tax collectors for the MRS!


RAM0012 - WORMER - $3.00 ea.

WORMERs cute looks are deceptive, they are some of the most powerful monsters there are!


RAM0013 - CHUNGKY - $3.00 ea.

CHUNGKYs like to horn in on other monsters territory, no matter who it is!



RAM0014 - BUCKEYE $5.00 ea.

BUCKEYEs are not too bright, say goofy things, but have big hearts - and big teeth!



RAM0015 - BUFFALOONEY - $3.00 ea.

BUFFALOONEYs are full of love - they love to EAT!

RAM0016 - PINCHERION $3.00 ea.

PINCHERIONs are savage beasts in a small package, able to defeat the largest of monsters!


RAM0017 - SNAKER $3.00 ea.

SNAKERs are great pets and fiercely protect their friends!


RAM0018 - WIGGLER $3.00 ea.

WIGGLERs usually hunt in packs and have one goal in life - to eat their prey!


RAM0019 - AMORPH $3.00 ea.

AMORPHs are very shy and scared monsters, but they are nearly indestructible!


RAM0020 - GLIDERAYZ $3.00 ea.

GLIDERAYZs are sneaky little critters that are great at recon missions for their team!


RAM0021 - OCKULOID $3.00 ea.

OCKULOIDs are vicious predators with a taste for flesh!



RAM0022 - TEEFER - $3.00 ea.

TEEFERs love to smile and tell jokes, and are very fast - at running away from danger!


RAM0023 - SMICLOP - $3.00 ea.

SMICLOPs are fun-loving, care-free monsters with zany attitudes!

RAM0024 - OCKULUS - $3.00 ea.

OCKULUSes are very intelligent, always plotting ways to destroy and conquer the world!


RAM0025 - GOOFYMAROOFY - $3.00 ea.

GOOFYMAROOFYs are not too bright but they like slime pools and moog pits!


RAM0026 - GOOFYTOOFY - $3.00 ea.

GOOFYTOOFYs make great pets except for their habit of biting the hand that feeds them!

RAM0027 - EYEZNHOWEIRD - $3.00 ea.

EYEZENHOWARDs are not all-knowing but they are all-seeing with all the eyes they have!


RAM0028 - SNEAKOPTYSNAKE $3.00 ea.

SNEAKOPTYSNAKEs are slithery sentries of serpentine savagery!



RAM0029 - GISHER $3.00 ea.

GISHERs can hyponotize with their big puppy dog eyes!


RAM0030 - CRAYZERS - $3.00 ea.

CRAYZERs are hyper little monsters that skitter hither and yon doing their mischief!


RAM0031 - SPECTOID - $3.00 ea.

SPECTOIDs are great ghoulies that gobble garbage with great gusto!


RAM0032 - REXNROLL - $3.00 ea.

REXNROLLs are dinosaur DNA gone extreme, they are full of teeth and know how to use them!


RAM0033 - SPACEGUY - $3.00 ea.

SPACEGUYs are ET with an attitude. They are from outer space and are out of this world!



RAM0034 - DARKSTAR $5.00 ea.

DARKSTARs are evil monsters with one eye but five ways to kill!

RAM0035 - WEREWOOFER- $3.00 ea.

WEREWOOFERs are little lycanthropes that are likable furballs!

RAM0036 - SKULLEY- $3.00 ea.

SKULLEYs are monsters sent by the GRIM REAPER to collect innocent souls!


RAM0040 - CYCLOPTIC - $3.00 ea.

CYCLOPTICs are mythic creatures that leave their island home and search out adventures!


RAM0041 - MEANEY - $3.00 ea.

MEANYs are gross little monsters who love to belch, fart and pick their noses!



RAM0042 - SQUIGGLER $3.00 ea.

SQUIGGLERs are neat little monsters that are very considerate and love to sleep!


RAM0043 - REAPER $3.00 ea.

The REAPER is kinda cute but VERY DEADLY!!!!



RAM0044 - ZOMBIE - CEDRIC $3.00 ea.

These Zombies are quite cultured and refined. They will still eat your brains, but only sauteed and with the proper wine sauce!


RAM0045 - ZOMBIE - SIR CADBURY $3.00 ea.

These Zombies are quite cultured and refined. They will still eat your brains, but only sauteed and with the proper wine sauce!

RAM0046 - ZOMBIE - SEBASTIAN $3.00 ea.

These Zombies are quite cultured and refined. They will still eat your brains, but only sauteed and with the proper wine sauce!




These RAK (Radioactive Atomic Kritters) Attack Monsters have been created in the laboratory of the RAKman and are now ready to be unleashed upon the world (insert manaical laughter here)!!!

Get these awesome unpainted resin castings and paint them up with liquid acrylic paint just the way you like them. They have Bases and Spaceships that you can paint and then stack in endless combinations to customize how you display your RAK ATTACK MONSTERS - see photos for ideas, then mix and match your own.

RAK Attack Displayscapes give you expandable landscapes to have your RAMs roam over and be displayed on.

We'll be posting lots of cool games to play with these guys on the website - for FREE! Yes, fellow monster fans, in addition to being cool to have and collect, the RAMs are also gamepieces!

There are also RAK Attack Monster Comic strips, Comic Books and other cool stuff!!!(See the ZOMBIE strip below)

zombie monster

Last, but definitely not least, the RAKster offers one-of-a-kind RAK ATTACK MONSTERS hand-painted by the mad monster maker himself! These high end offerings have been painted and finished by their creator, RAK, and will be ridiculously prized as something really special to have and to treasure! Some of these will also be available on, so be sure to check out that site as well

"Have fun looking at my RAK ATTACK MONSTER TOY Collection. The MONSTERS were done during a cold and bitter winter when I was working away the frigid hours. They are GAMEPIECES, TOYS, COLLECTIBLES, or LIMITED EDITION ART PIECES. Enjoy these really cool mini sculpts of ROBOTS, MONSTERS, ALIENS, SPACESHIPS, and more!!!!!

Thanks for supporting my dream and taking a chance on an independant artist trying 110% to do the best and most unique art that I can!